Recording Project 2016

Ayla Rose’s most recent recording project is an innovative rendition of Tracy Chapman’s 1996 hit “Give Me One Reason,” an original composition Chapman also recorded with Eric Clapton in a 1999 concert version. Ayla Rose’s voice interprets the song in a fusion of lush sounds—blues, soul, and scat jazz. Featured teen guitarist Tyler Morris, engages in a dialog of emotional connection with her stylistic singing in a dance of two voices: her one-of-a-kind vocals with Tyler’s expert guitar work.

Equally crucial to the success of the song performance are three consummate pros of rhythm who strike the perfect Memphis-and beyond right groove. Dave Mattacks supplies the same inventive precision that earned him high praise as a member of British folk-rock legend Fairport Convention and scores of others notables on both sides of the pond. Kevin Barry, lends gravitas with his rhythm guitar playing, and Jesse Williams, who has worked with many stellar musicians, brings a clear sense of purpose to his work on bass. Producer Peter Bell, a Berklee School of Music professor with a strong background in roots music, provides the session with his expertise at Chris Rival’s studio, Middleville, in North Reading, Massachusetts.

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See Jonathan Frahm’s review of, “Give Me One Reason,” on the PopMatters website or read it below:

The precocious Ayla Rose is joined by legacy musicians on a cover showcasing ageless talent.

From the genre-bending folk-rocking Accidentals to the darkly rock tendencies of teenage piano-pop maestro Ian Ridenhour, it wouldn’t be out of line to describe a large subset of rising indie music as “precocious”. Sixteen-year-old Ayla Rose gleefully joins these ranks as she deservedly bubbles up to the top of the scene with her soulful vocals and stunning command of her musical identity, straddling the line between soul, jazz, blues, western swing, reggae, and more with relative ease. No need to wear kiddie gloves here—Rose’s performance should be just fairly amongst her adult contemporaries, to which she arguably amounts in talent to many who’ve been hitting the electric for more years than she’s even been alive.

Rose is joined by a bevy of legacy talent on her cover of the Tracy Chapman classic, “Give Me One Reason”—Dave Mattacks (Elton John) on drums, Kevin Barry (Roseanne Cash) on rhythm, Jesse Williams on bass, and fellow teen Tyler Morris on guitar. They each serve their purpose in masterfully meshing together as the jam band beside Rose, and together, they really rock it out like the best of them.

~Jonathan Frahm, writer for PopMatters and North American editor of For Folk’s Sake