“Sixteen-year-old Ayla Rose gleefully joins these ranks [“precocious, rising indie
music performers”] as she deservedly bubbles up to the top of the scene with her
soulful vocals and stunning command of her musical identity, straddling the line
between soul, jazz, blues, western swing, reggae, and more with relative ease.”

~Jonathan Frahm, PopMatters
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Cover song reached #2 on The Alternate Root’s Top Ten Chart

“I don’t think it matters Ayla Rose is such a young woman. Her talent measures up to any standards. Her writing is exceptional—music and lyrics alike. Her singing, her phrasing, her melodic sense are all strong and self-assured. You’ve got to like Ayla Rose. I sure do.”

~Dennis Walker, multiple Grammy award-winning producer/songwriter

“I recently heard Ayla Rose’s debut single, and was greatly impressed, to say the least. Not only does she sound wise beyond her years as a singer, her songwriting is first rate as well, with a lot of depth. This young lady is very gifted…there’s no telling how far she could go.”

~Neil Haverstick, Denver-based award-winning guitarist/author

“This is a voice that has a rich timbre and an unforced,
mature sense of when to sing and when to leave space.”

~Karen Marguth, acclaimed San Francisco-based jazz singer